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Dominican Republic Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


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Property Information

1. Miami Beach of the Dominican Republic: Colloquially known as the Miami Beach of the Dominican Republic (DR). Because of its shape, enormous size, and development potential it is comparable to Miami Beach.

2. Lower Cost per Beach Frontage : 4.4 miles, or 7.1 k.m. of unspoiled beaches. Largest ratio (15:1) of beachfront to property size. Beachfront per meter costs about $2,500. Beaches on other properties are $40,000 to $88,000+ per meter.

3. 40% Lower building cost: The country’s cement production capacity led to the as much as 40 percent lower prices compared with other Caribbean countries and new technology promises Lower cost, shorter construction time and higher quality

4. 60% of 2014 Appraisal: Asking Price is only $18 Million– this is only 60% of a 2014 Appraisal which values the property at US $ 30.2 Million.

5. New Tax Incentives to establish 50,000 more hotel rooms: 50K rooms needed to reach the goal to support 10M tourist (link). This Area is for the first time included in the new tourism tax incentive law and is projected to experience exploding tourism growth. The Amendment to law 158-01 spurs the expansion of tourist resorts, by restoring the 3% tax break on real estate transactions and extends the tax exemption period from 10 to 15 years

6. Tourism Growth Potential: The new government is aggressively marketing the tourism industry and plans to TRIPLE tourist arrivals in the DR., thereby creating more demand for new quality accommodations. View the NEW October 2014 Tourism Video as designated by President Medina to attract investment (YouTube).

7. New Cruise Ship Terminal: The Amber Cove (Maimon Bay) cruise ship terminal complex is actively under construction and will debut this year, drawing up to 8,000 cruise passengers and 2,000 crew members daily to the Northwest region, only 30 miles east of our property, connected soon by a new Maimon-Luperón Highway (link)

8. Historic Area: In 1493, Columbus arrived in the area and built the first settlement in the Americas, La Isabela – only ~2.5 Miles (4KM) east of our property.

9. Hurricane Safer Zone: Protected by a 10,000 foot mountain range, it is the only place in the Caribbean where no hurricanes have been recorded in the last 150 years.

10. Comprehensive Infrastructure: Water and Electric is on the main road about ½ mile from the property – a new wind farm is developed close by (link). A short, one-hour hop away is Santiago with an international airport, restaurants, sports arena, malls, movie theatres and the Hospital Metropolitano de Santiago (HOMS) one of the most modern hospitals in Latin America with 300 doctors and 16 operating rooms.

Largest cruise ship terminal in the Caribbean:

Tourism Minister Francisco Javier announced that that Puerto Plata would be the venue of the 2015 PAMAC Cruise Summit! They have picked Puerto Plata because starting 2015 this city will be the greatest attraction in the Caribbean.”
In fact, it is expected that the Puerto Plata cruise port being built by the Carnival Corporation in Maimón will be finished in 2015, “the largest cruise terminal in the Caribbean,”.
During his trip to Puerto Plata García also inspected the start of the construction work on the Maimón – Luperón highway, which will facilitate the excursions of the cruise passenger arriving in Puerto Plata straight to La Isabela and the Manatee Peninsula property next to it

• Design Parameters allow for a minimum of 1440 rooms* at an conservative 25% estimated buildable area.
• This property is massive – only one half mile shorter than Miami Beach, Florida
• Excellent accessibility within ninety minutes of two International Airports: Puerto Plata and Santiago
• Perfect site for phased mixed use sustainable development
• Plenty of tourism activities available
Compared to Miami Beach, Florida

*The gross density allowed is 40 rooms per hectare (1 hectare = 2.47105 acres) of developable area, defined to be the gross land area, reduced by the setbacks and protected areas such as mangroves. The exact developable area is to be officially determined by an independent environmental survey. For purposes of presenting a very conservative number, we will assume that 25% of the 355 acres is developable, yielding a developable area of 36 hectares ( 355×25%/2.47105), and a total of 1,440 rooms allowed. The number have been confirmed with signature by the Ministerio de Turismo (link)

• Banking giant lauds President to “sell” DR as tourism investment opportunity (link)
• President is highly committed to bring 10 million tourists to the country per year
• Tourism is predicted to grow 8% in 2014 with a year around occupancy of 87.3% (link)
• Actual increase was 13.2% by September 2014 compared to ~5% in Caribbean (link)
• Building Cost are down and cement prices are down 40% in 2014 (link)
• A new technology promises lower cost, shorter construction and higher quality (link)
• The Dominican Republic draws tourism from over four continents via 8 Intl. airports
• Ventanilla Unica de inversion (VUI) is a “One Stop Window” for all approvals (link)
• Dominican Republic law is very friendly to foreigners + investments (15 years tax free!)
• Easy, long-term Visa and Dual Citizenship acceptance for any foreign investor
• “Must Read Article” why to invest: Ready for a Bite of the Caribbean’s Largest Pie? (link)

• Luxury Eco Resort and Spa
• Mixed Resort / Villa / Condo Dev.
• Vacation Ownership Club
• Super Yacht Club Facilities
• Theme Park and or Casino Resort
• Ultimate Private Island Residence
• Land Banking for future use or resale
• Land development / sale of individual lots
• Five Star Hotel / Spa Branding Potential
• Golf Course Design Branding Potential
• MEDICAL TOURISM: “Dominican Republic among top medical tourism destinations” (

Property Features

  • 355 acres
  • 4.4 miles of ocean beach front
  • Banks valuation $30 million
  • Exclusive yachting marina
  • Identified as one of the caribeans HOT SPOTS for investment.
  • Massive tax incentives
  • Multi use development
  • Potential 18 golf course
  • Potential private villa development



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